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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Leaf removal is done to keep your property appearance neat is also helps with the health of the turf. This is done several times throughout the year.

Spring Cleanup

The spring clean up is a great way to revive your property from the hardship winter.

  • Remove all debris from the mulch beds and tree rings
  • Prune the trees and shrubbery
  • Remove existing weeds and apply a pre-emergent weed control to all beds
  • Mulch beds are raked out removing the old aged mulch and apply a layer of new fresh mulch

Fall Cleanup

Fall clean up is done to prepare your property for winter.

  • Debris, sticks and trash are removed
  • A final pruning to prepare shrubs and trees
  • Rake and remove all weeds
  • New mulch is added