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Deer Repellent

Deer Repellent

Wildlife can certainly be striking, but too often local fauna has an appetite for your precious plants. Hendel's experts can work with you to design a program to keep local wildlife, including deer, away from your trees and shrubs, preserving their value as a natural resource.

Deer seem to roam over neighborhood landscapes with impunity, foraging and browsing on plantings property owners value the most. In fact, an adult deer consumes about six pounds of plant material daily, amounting to over a ton of food per year for each deer. After spending time and money to landscape your property and nurture plantings to keep them beautiful and healthy, along come deer and other foraging animals to undo all of your hard efforts overnight. Our effective strategies to deter deer browse has been a major area of emphasis. The main goal for any good deer management program is to reduce feeding damage to valuable plants.

Hendel's repellent programs use different products depending on the time of year, amount of deer pressure, and consumer preferences. Our fall-scheduled winter protection program is the application of a heavy film of repellent that deters feeding for 90 days or more. One or two applications applied later on can reduce deer damage even in the worst winters. For summer treatments, we use a product that leaves no visible residue, but requires application more frequently. We even offer natural-based products that provide a high degree of reliability to consumers who prefer organic programs for their landscape.


deer repellant
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