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We provide  snow removal services to your home or business 24/7

Snow Removal

Snow Removal and Salt Application


With our winters here in the tri-state of treacherous snow and ice, it can be a challenge for both residential and commercial property owners. Hendel's Tree Care & Landscaping will make sure you get through the storm effortlessly and safely. We provide snow removal services to your home or business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


We track the snow storms as they move into our area, and we are prepared before the snow falls to ensure the walkways and roads are plowed as quickly as possible. Our team of snow removal experts and all our snow removal equipment is ready to attack every snow/ice storm no matter how big or small the storm. Our team is accessible by phone, pager, and radio. We work around the clock to keep your walkway, driveway, and parking lots clear.


We can also provide detailed reports to our clients specifying weather conditions and services provided; also this can be kept for your records in case you need to file a claim for insurance purposes. In addition, we have a full-time mechanic on hand, we continuously repair, clean, and paint equipment, making sure everything is fully functional at all times.


It is critical to plan ahead for snow removal to ensure a fast response.

  • Our customers can count on us with efficient, prompt snow removal and de-icing services

  • We service all our winter weather needs including snow removal, salting & de-icing

  • We are an active member of SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association

  • Our expertise, coupled with our superior grounds management services, ensures reliable and responsive solutions year-round

  • We are fully insured, our equipment and services are continually updated to provide you with the service you deserve

snow removal
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