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Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization

In order to have healthy plants on your property, you must begin with healthy soils. Fertilization is just the start. Adjusting soil pH and ensuring adequate organic matter is present are also key to healthy soils. For plants in urban and suburban soils, Hendel's tree experts can simulate the optimal conditions for growth found in nature.

Hendel Tree Care & Landscaping offers the most intensive soil management programs in the landscape industry. Before fertilization is performed, soil samples are taken from the property and analyzed.

We offer more than 15 different blends of our own fertilizers, all of which contain slow-release nitrogen that provides this nutrient gradually over the entire growing season. This means that nitrogen is not lost to leaching and runoff, which optimizes availability, while protecting the environment. If soil phosphorus levels are adequate or treatments are applied in sensitive sites such as watersheds, we use phosphate-free products that are specifically formulated to eliminate water pollution from this nutrient.


Deep Root Fertilization

Trees growing in urban soils can benefit from fertilization. Adding nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins and organic matter increases plant health. Trees with enhanced root zones show more microbial activity, better suited pH levels, less soil compaction and better soil structure. Deep root fertilizing (liquid root feeding) allows us to add or improve many soil components.

  • Soil Chemistry: There is a complex relationship between plant uptake and soils. Water availability, soil pH, soil fungi, compaction and other factors all play a role in a plant materials ability to uptake nutrients. We take regional soil factors and specific plants needs into consideration when fertilizing. The goal is not always to promote growth, but creating a better soil environment.

  • The Process: A probe is used to get below the soil so the fertilizer goes directly into your trees or shrubs root system. We fertilize with a slow release soluble fertilizer to improve plant vitality and strengthen the plant(s) response to the impacts of various abiotic and biotic stresses. Feeding under pressure also aerates the soil to combat compaction. Supplemental iron, additional micro-nutrients, and soil acidifying agents are added as needed.

  • Mixing a Cocktail: Each plant has it’s own needs and soil preferences. Using a liquid mix we can adjust factors to suit a property or specific tree. We often use different tanks with separate fertilizing mixtures on a property. We can even add chemicals that give plants systemic insect or disease control. Ask one of our arborists if any of your plant material could benefit from one of our custom "cocktails."


Prescription Fertilization

Hendel Tree Care & Landscaping also offers a unique prescription fertilization program whereby nutrients and amendments can be custom-blended on site and applied to specific plants based on soil analysis results. This program is ideal for high value, feature plants and those with obvious nutrient deficiencies or health concerns.

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