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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal


We provide prompt, courteous service with free estimates and affordable pricing. We turn your unwanted stumps into useful mulch, and our affordable rates are more cost efficient than renting a stump grinder.

Why use Hendel's to remove your tree stumps?

  • Tree stumps are unsightly and dangerous

  • We use no chemicals, which can be dangerous for pets or children

  • You avoid labor-intensive digging

  • Stump grinding creates valuable mulch—useful for compositing or landscaping

  • You recover lost yard space for leisure or landscaping purposes

Our services feature

  • Stump Removal - Any Size

  • Any Location (equipment passes through gates)

  • Equipment Grinds 8-12 Inches Under Ground

  • Affordable and Reliable Service

  • Fully Insured

  • Equipment is Lawn Friendly



Our stump grinder can travel across your lawn without rutting or causing unnecessary damage.

After a stump has been ground, the hole may become more than twice the size of the stump. Hendel’s Tree Care & Landscaping will be happy to haul away the roots, pitty, rocky, and dirt then backfill the hole with quality topsoil, plant grass seed and cover it with straw—or we can plant a new shrub or tree.

Be careful when hiring any company that will be using dangerous equipment on your property. Always check their Insurance Policy and Business License.

You do not want a "Dabbler" or an uninsured "Copycat" company (some try to ride on our good name) grinding your stumps. You may get a teenager with a rental machine tearing-up your property.

Our self-propelled, lawn-friendly machines fit thru a 36" gate. We also have tow-behind machines that can handle uprooted, blown-over stumps

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