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Organic Tree and Shrub Care Benefits

Why treat your trees and shrubs organically? Several reasons include:

  • Nontoxic to people, plants, environment, and animals

  • Creates a healthy balance of beneficial and pathogenic organisms

  • Creates a healthy balance of beneficial insects

  • Stimulates a plants immune system

  • Increases the diversity of microbial organisms to give the environment less room for bad organisms

  • Restores water holding capacity of soil and plants

  • Root masses increase naturally for long term benefits

  • Products are made from natural sources

  • Green house gases and carbon burning fuel usage is limited in development of organic products, because they are mostly made by natural causes

  • Local economy and small business entrepreneurs benefit the most from these products, because big corporations don't want to take the time and resources to make organic products that can't sell as much as traditional products

  • You're doing your part to make the world and environment we pass on to the next generation a healthier and less polluted place to live.

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